Love, poetry, the atmosphere of the '30s all of these we could be sensed like a passenger of the burlesque train. There is nothing is as it should. It is easy to lose touch with reality in the screw world of specific time in the picturesque scenery. The dope of ephemeral love, extravagant vagaries and absurd flights, in these space the hidden get in touch with eternal. 

The Troupe 

The mad family melted in the crowd extraordinary characters. Eccentric chef, captivating barmen, absurd commander of the train, enamored pilot and, of course, charming ladies:  clumsy waitresses, dives, shy figure skaters, allure flamenco dancers and even Cinderella! 

The History 

The show was created by the group of six artists in collaboration with the famous Russian theatre director Yana Tumina. The premiere took place in the Theatre du Rond-Point (Paris, France) 28 may of 2015 and was mentioned by the french public as a long-expected event after 10 years tour of «SEMIANYKI» show.  Who knows, perhaps six eccentrics have inspired this tour to produce the new history. The life long history.